The Green Ray

Patresi is a small and stunning locality, Located at the western end of Elba Island, about 10 km from Marciana, it overlooks a beautiful blue sea, with a breathtaking sunset in front of Corsica and Capraia.

Nature reigns uncontaminated, silence all around, only a few colorful houses present.

It is possible to practice many sports from over a thousand meters down the various paths and get to the sea.

Among the various trails, we can find Green Ray: an ancient path that winds from the beach of Patresi up to the ridges of Serraventosa, on the western side of Mount Capanne. Rediscovered and “adopted” by the Association of Friends of Patresi and Colle d’orano, the route is dedicated to the memory of the pastor Oreste Anselmi who lived and worked along these streets, and Roberto F. who photographed the phenomenon of the Green Ray.

What is the Green Ray? An ancient Scottish legend says that those who will see the Green Ray, that is the last sparkle of the sun during the sunset, he/she will see the truth about himself and the hearts of others. Even science has studied and cataloged this rare phenomenon.

The Project

Actor / Biker: Matteo Anselmi
Video / Editing / Color Correction: Lumos Produzioni - Simone Masini
Special Thanks to: Vincenzo Anselmi // Hotel Belmare Patresi